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Stand Up Pouches

Standup Pouches are available in different sizes, styles & color options; it also offers a fantastic replacement for rigid packaging.

The zipper pouches emerged as a staple in flexible packaging solutions for different industry sectors.

Standard Colours Available in Reseal Standup Zipper Pouches and Standup Pouches

  1. Clear / Clear
  2. Silver / Clear
  3. Silver / Silver
  4. Black / Black
  5. Gold / Gold
  6. Black / Clear
  7. Gold / Clear
  8. Solid Silver

* We also manufacture up to 8 colour custom printed standup pouches. Minimum quantity for custom printed standup pouch is 10000 to 15000 in each size.

When compared to traditional packaging materials like cans and bottles The Stand-up pouch ( stand up zipper pouch, stand up zipper bag, stand up bag, ) offers an economical packaging solution with additional benefits:

Reduced packaging weight by around 70% = Lower shipping costs

Reduced storage space = Lower warehouse costs = Reduction in waste volume

Empty pouches occupy up to 97% less space than rigid alternatives!

Side gusseted bags is available ready in stock in the following size given in the table below{these side gusseted bags has NO RESEALABLE ZIPPER.}…..

Our bag capacities/weights mentioned below are based on roasted coffee beans weight. The capacity for other products may vary depending on their density.


The advantage of using laminate stand up pouches is its ability to stand up on a shelf for maximum sales impact through its packaging pouch design. Stand Up Pouches ( stand up zipper pouch ) folds flat before filling. This means great savings on freight and storage space in stand up pouches. Stand up pouches ( stand up zipper pouch ) is an environmentally friendly product, using 75% less plastic than a rigid container. Products are well protected by the various laminations, and the printing inks are sandwiched within the layers. Stand up pouches offer longer shelf life without refrigeration. Stand Up Bags or SUP’s {Stand Up Pouches with zipperaltered the face of consumer product packaging. The wide face of the stand-up pouch (SUP) is perfect for an elaborate label or high quality print design.

There are three fundamental types of stand pouches ( stand up zipper pouch ):

ROUND BOTTOM STAND UP POUCH ( stand up zipper pouch ) – Round bottom gusset stand up pouches are one of the most common pouches in existence. In a round bottom gusset stand up pouch, it is the welded edge of the material that provides the support that hold ups the package and allows it to “stand” in position. Almost all of the pouches on our list of stock available to ship immediately stand up pouches are round bottom gusset.

K-SEAL STAND UP POUCH ( stand up zipper pouch )– When a bag reaches a certain size it is not possible for it hold up the weight of the product while resting on the sealed edge of the material. In this case, the type of bottom that is created is called a K-Seal. The largest stand up zipper pouch made, is also a K-Seal bottom.

PLOW STAND UP POUCH ( stand up zipper pouch ) – The Plow Bottom is also called a corner seal. This style of pouch has grown rapidly in popularity especially among food product packagers and granular items like sugar and bath salts. In this case, the material that is in the package sits directly on the shelf.

Every Great Purchase Starts Here

Search amongs 520,529 products

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