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Suppliers of Bottling and Packaging Machines

INPAKT/GLOPAK is your one stop shop for filling, bottling and packaging solutions. We manufacture & supply a wide range of filling and packaging machines which includes bottling & canning productions lines for beverage, beer, wine, chemicals, oil products etc. We also supply bottle blowing machines, shrink wrappers, depalletizing & palletizing, chilling units, pasteurizing systems, blending tanks, processing equipment, water treatment and all end of line packaging equipment. All our machines are supplied, serviced and supported by the group, which includes a network of 13 companies. INPAKT/GLOPAK offers consulting services to help you design entire production lines, from bottle blowing, filling labelling and packaging with water treatment options. Whatever your bottling and packaging requirements might be, we will have a solution for you.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer hands-on service for both maintenance and support with a skilled team of engineers, experienced managers and technicians working together to create a long -term relationship with our clients.

Equipment Manufacture

Glopak’s machine manufacturing division excels in designing engineering solutions for your machinery and automation needs, maximising production through design, designing production layouts and workflows. Allow our experience to guide ergonomic design and maximise productivity on your factory floor.

Equipment Sales

We are an International supplier of specialized packaging machines and have strong business relationships with multiple companies and reputable engineers not to mention a strong in-house technical team. We are thus able to supply and support a large variety of machines.

Machine Refurbishment

Glopak offers complete reconditioning and refurbishment to restore your equipment to an as new condition, addressing every component.
Inpakt’s takes a client-centric approach to deciding if refurbishing, upgrading or retrofitting is the best solution and spend of resources for your company.


Since 2003 – Glopak specialize in the supply of machinery and complete “Turn Key” production lines for the bottling and packaging industry, covering primarily the beverage field but also catering for special needs in the food, beverage and chemical sectors.

Our main objective is to provide Customers promptly with a custom-made solution, specifically designed to protect and guarantee the quality of the finished product with the use of the highest and most up-to date technology.

Glopak supply filling lines to suit a wide range of products such as mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, wine, beer, edible oils, mixed alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, fruit juices, sauces etc., into traditional or modern packaging, such as bottles made of Pet, Pen, Glass, HDPE, cans, etc.

The key to our success is the “know how” gained in over 18 years of experience in this industry and the ability to supply equipment performance, competitive pricing and efficiency of after sale service and support.



Our R25 range of machines has been specially developed to meet market sectors that are demanding a great productivity in fresh product packaging with stretchable film. Their incredible possibilities, their easy operation and cleaning make it the perfect machine to work in Packaging Centres.

4-Side Sealed Sachet Packaging Machine for Granular Products

This fully automatic packaging machine that is designed to prepare a 4 side sealed sachet-type packages to fill free flowing granular products like sugar, salt, and spices like free flow black pepper. Products that have self-flowability like sugar, salt, black pepper, energy drinks and medical grained granules can be packaged through precise volumetric cups using this model.

Filling & Packaging Grated Beetroot


Semi-automatic filling and packaging machines for grated cooked beetroot in vinegar at 1 to 2 tons per day 375ml and 750ml bottle size, with vacuum capper and self-adhesive labelling machine.

Stick Pack Machine for Powdery Products (Coffee – Milk Powder)

This fully automatic filling machine is designed to pack untouched, affixed-on-three-sides packets like coffee, coffee cream, energy drinks, medical powder that has no spontaneous fluency through screws by disposable products. Non free flowing powder products can be packaged with this machine using screws synchronized with PLC in a high level of sensitivity.

2500/CPH Beverage Canning Line

Automatic systems up to 2500 CPH

Automatic systems for processing and packaging of canned beverages of any size, made of aluminium, steel and tinplate. The range of machine allows to cover the production requirements up to 2500 cans/hour.

This system is designed to carry out automatically the cycles of filling and seaming of cans and can be completed with transport systems and ancillary machines complying with the customers’ requirements and respecting the spaces available in the installation rooms.

Overwrapping Machine for Cigarette Cartons

This machine uses the conveyor belt to supply the packaged goods, which is packed by the film, folding, heat sealing. So that the packaging to achieve close, decoration, appearance, security, moisture-proof effect.

The machine side seal, long side seal, pushing material, folding angle, plastic heat sealing, cut line small mouth, the action is driven by the cylinder. Movement of the cylinder and air feed are controlled by the pneumatic components.

Carbonation Machine For Sparkling Beverages

Automatic1000 LPH Carbonation system

The product is delivered direct from the storage tank to the stainless-steel receiver vessel which contains pump level management systems.

The product is then pumped from this vessel via the progressive cavity pump system, this ensures continues pressure. The product is then received in the carbonating pressure vessel, this vessel contains its own level control system.

Product temperature is closely monitored by its own controller which changes CO2 volumes according to the temperature change. This gives continuity of C02 within the product if a change of temperature occurs.

Beer Filler – 5000 cans per hour.

INPAKT Can Filler/Seamer is a state-of-the-art, high-speed can filling system designed around proven true counter pressure gravity filling technology, with rotary, high-speed, precision can-seaming technology to repeatedly produce perfectly filled and seamed cans. INPAKT Can Filler/Seamer has the ability to fill beer and other beverages in a wide range of can sizes and volumes, including today’s most popular sizes of 330ml, 440ml and 500ml cans on the same machine, with very little change over time, offering today’s craft brewers and beverage companies a wide range of flexibility.

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