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Product specification 

Product                                                                                    Soup in powder form

Filling system                                                                         Auger filler, filling in one step per sachet

Formats                                                                                   120 mm width x 160 mm height

Operational                                                                             50 x 110 mm for 10 gr of cappuccino

Sachet type                                                                              3 sealed sides flat sachet, working from film reel 4th seal as optimal

PLC model                                                                               Omron, others available under request

Language for screen, manual and electrical diagrams   English

Machine output                                                                      Approx: 120-130 ppm

Machine range                                                                        Min 60 x 60 mm, Max 160 x 175 mm (duplex version)

Reel internal diameter                                                          70-75 mm (150-152 mm available under request)

Reel external diameter                                                         500 mm

Film composition                                                                   To be confirmed

Electrical data                                                                         To be confirmed

Weight/Volumes                                                                    50-70 gr

Density                                                                                     To be confirmed

Sealing type                                                                            To be confirmed

Layout and technical parts

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Description of basic machine

Description of the equipment 

  1. - HB32 Duplex

1.-002.033.2.BYT.-Frame and back doors

Built in stainless with a sandy finish in all the external surfaces. It is ergonomically designed to allow a total accessibility inside the machine as well as to the operative part, permitting withe its design an excellent cleaning in all areas where machine is installed. the system of internal plates eliminates to the maximum any possible hole, so it is considered as a “clean machine”.

1. -002.033.2.PDS.-Protections

The front protections are made of transparent poly-carbonates with tipping up opening to the  top side assisted by pneumatic cylinders, assembled on a structure of stainless steel pipe which has inside the codified safety micros. In this way, all the electrical connection pipes are eliminated in all the operative area.

2.-002.033.2.EPD.-Reel axe support 

It is made of stainless steel, and it has an excellent disposition for the loading of the film reels, whether its done by hand or by trolley. The fixation of the film reel is done pneumatically just pushing a selector placed at the touch screen. Due to its design, it is a very resistant group to the possible knocks. This group is independently motorized and synchronized with the compensation rollers that automatically give the unwinding orders.

1.-002.000.0.EMP.-Automatic film splicer (Patented)

This group splices two film reels without stopping the machine by means of double-faced-glued tape. It increases considerably the performance of the machine. This system of double removal jaw facilitates the preparation of the new film reel while the other one is being used. the automatic mechanism splices one film reel with the other and rejects automatically the sachet which has the adhesive tape, plus the previous and the following one.

1.-002.033.2.ADS.-Pneumatic reel axe support & unwinding pulling

It is composed of one reducer – motor directly coupled to the cam shaft supported by self-aligned bearings. its regulation is done by electrical inventer.

1.-002.033.2.Ren.Entry rollers

This group contains multiple rollers and a compensated arm that provides an optional smoothness to the feed of the film., which is very important at high speed. All rollers as assembled on bearings of needles.

1.-002.033.2.TFO.-Forming plough

It is totally done in stainless steel. It has a very compacted design with excellent accessibility which allows reducing the machine length as well as giving an excellent stability to the film. Its regulation for format changing over i done by elevation spindle.

1.-002.0333.2.GMO.-Main drive group 

It is composed of one reducer – motor directly coupled to the cam shaft supported by self -aligned bearings. Its regulation is done by electrical inventer.

1.-002.033.2.CEL.-Electrical cabinet

This group is composed of two parts. the part with elements is incorporated to the back side of the machine frame. it is located in vertical position with very easy access. The control part, by colored touch screen, is assembled at an articulated support that allows numerous positions being possible to look at it from any point of the machine and which includes a 8″ touch screen in color. Complete execution in stainless steel.

2.-002.033.2.SVF.-Sealing group

The system is of parallel closing and opening(it provides a lot of advantages with regards to the traditional systems). The operation by double roller cam with double safety spring gives excellent benefits to the system. The pressure regulation is done at the front part (pneumatic regulation can be added). The displacement of the groups is individually motorized to make easier the format change over, as well as the center fixation of the seal, even with the machine running. This operation is made through the touch screen.


With the basic machine is included one set of sealers, with their corresponding electrical resistances and temperature detectors.

1.-002.033020.FOT.-Photoelectric cell 

With high precision, it controls the printing area of the sachet with respect to the seals and the scissors. The scanner head is multi-positional being possible to be placed in front of or behind the film to read the eye mark.

1.-002.033.2.ARR.-Film pulling by servo roller

Electrically controlled by photocell to get a perfect center point of the impression with regards to the vertical seals and cutting by means of a specific program to progressively start up, constant de-acceleration speed, research slow motion and precision stopping.

2.-002.033.2.TPZ.-Scissors and scissors gripper

This group is operated by double roller cam with double safety. It operates the scissors with double blade opening. It contains a dismounting system for the cutting blades without mis-adjusting the fixation mechanism. The sachet holding gripper works with independent operation. The basic machine will be provided with a set of two cutting blades as spare parts. Grippers are of mechanic type (not pneumatic) and their guide system maximizes the machine performance.

1.-002.033.2.VYP.-Suction cups for sachet opening

The mechanical grippers are adjustable to regulate the distance to the different sachet sizes. Its regulation can be done from the front part. the suction of the vacuum cups is done by a big flow vacuum pump and they are controlled by an electric operation valve. The mechanical grippers that hold the sachets by the top edges give high reliability to the system when opening the sachets. Mechanically operated by cam with “shrinking” system to maximize the pouch opening.

1.-002.033.2.ACP.-Fixed grippers operation and fixed grippers

This group is installed on the bearing sliding axe of the solid series (big resistance). It incorporates grippers with <<Vulkollan>> tip which eliminate with its design the problem of dirt and blocking of the rubber tip in the conventional machines. support operation

It is assembled on a vertical displacement mechanism. The filling funnel has a fixation system that allows it to bee placed in any position. Its regulation system allows it to move back, forward, center and swing.

1.-002.033.2.ESB.-Independent Stretching unit form sachet top side

With mechanical operation and lineal displacement, it is assembled on adjustable bearings that supply it with high efficacy and precision. beam and walking beam gripper

This is the group that mostly conditions the good functioning of this kind of machines, both for speed and for reliability. This machine has been provided with  very robust and reliable pulling system (without springs nor belts). The subjection force of the grippers has been designed taking into consideration achieving that they are centred to the bearings (that means a great technological advantage).

1.-002.033.2.SSU.-Top sealing
It is mechanically operated and the pressure adjustment is mechanic. The front jaw is removable without needing tools and efficaciously facilitates the access to the top sealers pattern to be defined by customer
With the basic machine are included sealers, with their corresponding electrical resistances and individual temperature detectors for each sealer in quantity depending of the model. ramp

it is an inclined plate with side guides. Its toboggan effect makes easier the exit of the sachets to some receipt or some other collecting system. spare parts

with the basic machine is delivered an important set of spare parts, such as scissors, resistances, bearings, tooling etc.

1.-002.033.2.-PLC standard

1.-002.033.2.CON.-Machine cycle counter

1.-002.033.2.CPA.-Partial production counter

1.-002.033.2.CTO.-Total production counter

1.-002.033.2.SEM.-Buffer & light for machine running 

1.-002.033.2.LAM.-Inner lamps for illumination inside the machine

1.-002.033.2.ASI.-System for teleassistance

system for remote assistance

1.-002.033.2.ELS. Permanent greasing by immersed cams

This group is composed of several boxes where the cams are immersed by their bottom part, providing a permanent oil layer to the rolling of the follower rollers. It makes that the general function is smooth and noises to he maximum.

Machine execution according to CE standards

Important remarks

Machine  frame, back doors and all external mechanisms made of stainless, all parts in direct contact with the product made of AISI316

Electrical parts top leading brands and OMRON PLC

1.- to ink jet (support and program)

Printer supplied directly by customer includes:

⦁ Electrical connection with protection for the encoder

⦁ Support for the printer, as long as it does not require an additional item added to the machine (backpack)

⦁ Integrated program on our screen with timings selector and alarm message for the printer, machine stop.

⦁ Communication between printer and machine to give signal to cam or system integrated on printer itself.(photocell and its support are at printers supplier charge ). pouch-no fill + rejection on ramp

Electrical device and program to detect the opening of the pouch before filling. In case a no opened pouch / no pouch is detected, the filler will not discharge the product and the sachet will be rejected.

1.- Auger filler servo + 15 L. hopper

1.-100.001 Support base composed of a cylindrical and telescopic base which is manually lifted up by a turned spindle that supports the main body of thee filler. The main body of the filler can be swung to orientate the product hopper and the filling tube. This entire group is made of stainless steel ASIS-316 L.

1.-Protections that cover all the upper side of the filler, includes the motor for the operation of the auger filler to the motor for the stirrer. One rear lid allows the immediate access to the mechanism area.

1.-Operation and main body. is is an independent and compact block composed by two servo motors of electrical control which allow easy adaption to different formats.

1.-100.030 Hopper of sanitary design without bending, of very easy dismantling by means of fixation knobs fixed to upper convexe lid.

2.-100.050 Stirrer group which is operated by an dependent gear motor to help the loading of the auger tooling, improving in the filling accuracy.

2.-100.040 Complete set of Auger tooling. Each equipment has incorporated an auger filler, tube and retainer.

2.-Filling funnel adapted to the width of the sachet to improve the dropping of the product and avoiding to the maximum the release of dust.

2.- extraction noxxle – Simplex
It is made of stainless steel and it is placed at the filling station to avoid contamination on top of sealing. It must be connected to a dust collector. funnel with vibration system
Pneumatic rotary vibration system assembled on the displacement mechanism where the filling funnels are installed. Its purpose is avoiding that the powder product keeps sticky inside the funnel, which could cause variations on discharges / fillings of products. level detector by vibration
Allows to keep a continuous product flow inside the hopper, thus, a greater filling accuracy. In addition, we avoid unnecessary starts and stops that creates more wear, electrical consumption and maintenance

1.- marker image 9028
Table in stainless steel
Support tray + Anchoring
Head support kit soporte
Encoder 5000 impulses
9410-1.1G – IP55
Industrial interface
Consumable kit – MB175(1 ink + 3 additive)
Cleaning – 5100 – ( 4 x 1L)

1.- duplex
This group is designed thinking on the positioning of the finished sachets in a determined position so that it allows, in this way, the synchronization of this machine with a cartooning machine, an exit conveyor belt or counting and griping conveyor belt, etc. The operation system of adjustable position makes possible the adaption for different formats, just with small adjustments on it. The displacement is rectilinear and due to its design permits to locate grouping conveyor belts in perpendicular or in parallel. conveyor belt 1.5m
This conveyor belt picks up the sachet at the exit of the machine and positions them in groups, previously programmed by touch screen with memory for recipes. Operation by means of motor-drum.

1.- trolley for reels
This tooling is designed to transport film reels from the store to the machine. It is easy to load and unload the film reel and it is possible to be in height to create it with the reel support axes of the machine.

1.- transfer triplex

This group is designed for the placement of the finished sachets/pouches in a determined position so that it allows the synchronization of our machine with a cartooning machine, an exit conveyor belt, a counting and grouping conveyor belt, etc. The adjustable operation system position makes possible the adaptation for different formats, just with small adjustments on it. The displacement is rectilinear and due to its design allows to locate grouping conveyor belts in perpendicular or in parallel position.

1.- conveyor belt 1.5m
This conveyor belt picks up the sachet at the exit of the machine. It can position them in groups,previously programmed by touch screen with memory for recipes. Operation by means of motor-drum.

1.- spare parts for 1 year











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