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Automatic rotary OPP membrane for hot melt adhesive labeling machine

Model 8016H-RP

1000ml round & 2000ml square 8000 BPH                                                            




Rotary OPP machine for square & round bottles – 8000BPH x 2000ml – 1000ml

Glue application on 2 sections of the bottles

Change part for extra size bottle bottles (1000ml round bottle)
Total amount



Japan Sanyo servo system
Japan Sanyo servo drive system
Japan Sanyo motion controller
Germany  Siemens  Touch-screen
Japan Mitsubishi PLC
Japan SUNX  Digital Colour Mark Sensor
Japan SUNX  Detection Sensor for coating adhesive
Japan SUNX  Photoelectric Sensor
Japan  KYENESE  Pressure Sensor
Denmark DANFOSS frequency changer


Mechanical Parts

Transportation institution TRANSTECNO motor 750W, inverter speed control
Conveyor Italy  FLEXON  LF820-K325 industrial nylon chain plate conveyor
Mainframe transportation institution TRANSTECNO   motor 2.2Kw
Label Supply Servo motor label supply system
Glue supply system hot melt glue supply system(German SEIMEC control system) ensures the accuracy and uniformity of gluing



Safety protection

Protective doors for operator safety.
Label alarm Alarm to remind the operator to change the labels when the labels runs low
Bottle alarm Labeler will not feed labels without bottles on the line
Leak of labeling alarm Alarm If the labels are not coming off the real consistently
Pressure control The machine will stop labelling if the labelling pressure is off.
Vacuum testing The machine will stop labelling if the vacuum pressure is off.
Temperature testing The machine will stop labelling if the temperature is off.


Technical Parameters

Machine Bopp Hot Melt Labeling Machine
Power supply Three-phase 380V 60 Hz 5000W
Machine dimensions: 3800mm×1900mmX 2010mm
Method of speed adjustment: uninterrupted – adjust rate
Labeling precision: ±1mm
Maximum label width: 200mm (standard width, can be adjusted )
Maximum outer diameter 600mm
Paper core Hot melt 152 mm
Labeling glue: glue at both ends of each label with hot melt
Gluing temperature: 120~160℃
Labeling for round or square containers
Material type BOPP, OPP , paper-plastic composite, paper label
Labeling stations 16 per cycle
Bottles per hour Up to 10000 BPH
Machine weight: Around 3000 kg






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