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The Inpakt Automatic Volumetric Piston Filling Machines are heavy duty filling powerhouses. They deliver precision dose filling, have flexible filling options, and offer multi work shift reliability. Each filler dispenses an accurately measured volume of product to containers ensuring that there is little overfill, thus saving you money. The machines are versatile enough to fill thin products such as water or thick products like caulking compounds with little to no additional change parts. Along with their flexible filling options, the piston fillers can be used with a variety of ridged or lightweight containers that might be otherwise distorted by the pressure of vacuum filling.  Automatic configurations and feature heavy-duty stainless steel adjustable height bases, sanitary stainless steel product cylinders, durable 10’ variable speed conveyors, and colour touch screen controls.


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Filler Size BPH for 5 Liter     LPH
8 Head Pistons 960      4800
6 Head Pistons 720      3600
4 Head Pistons 480      1920























Technical Parameters

Model: NRF -8H/L  – 500ml – 5 000ml
Filling Heads 8
Filling Nozzles Drip-Free Shut off Type
Filling Cycle 30 Seconds – 5000ML & 2000ML
Filling Rate 4800 LT/Hour – 5000ML
Filling accuracy Approximately 1%
Power 220-240Volt 50Hz
Air 4Bar
Dimensions (Filler) 2.0m x 1.0m x 2.5m (L x W x H)
Weight Approximately 400KG
Conveyor 2.4 Meter


  • Volume and Accuracy are Set by PLC.
  • All Parts in Contact with Product are manufactured from food-safe materials.
  • The Pump/Piston Configuration Ensures easy Dismantling for Cleaning and Sterilization.
  • Suitable for the Filling of High viscosity Liquids.
  • Liquid Level Control to Filler Holding Tank


  1. Conveyor
  2. A.B.I. Kit (Automatic Bottling Index Kit)
  3. Multi-Stroke (Multiple doses per container)


  1. filling nozzles
  2. 0.100, to 5litre dose cylinders
  3. Longer nozzles (for the bottom-up filling to reduce foam)
  4. Skinny Nozzles (for products that string or drip)
  5. Chunky Product Butterfly Valves for Sanitary Products with Particulates
  6. Heat Packages
  7. Corrosive product packages
  8. Conveyor upgrades
  9. Diving Heads
  10. Positive Off Nozzles


Filler Size BPH for 5 Liter     LPH
8 Head Pistons 960      4800
6 Head Pistons 720      3600
4 Head Pistons 480      1920
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