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Chunky meat pie mix piston filling dispensing unit from 50ml to 500ml mix with 240-liter hopper and integrated agitator.

Product filling weights: 80g to 250g mix / up to 38mm meat chunk.

Equipment Price List

Machine Description Specification Qty Price Total
Piston filler 50g to 500g with U-shape 240L hopper and agitator Up to 30fills/min      
2-meter filling hose with filling head pneumatic actuator.

Piston filler 50g to 500g piston FLS500CM with U-shape 200L hopper and agitator

Piston filler heavy duty depositor capable of large volume deposits and products with big pieces such as pie fillings, soups, deli salads, stews, chili and much more. The products get deposited with an accurate weight and without compromising the product quality at all.

Picture for reference only, design might change slightly

Horizontal filling machine
Filling range: 50-500G
Filling speed: 2-5 seconds / adjustable speed
Filling accuracy: over or under by 5%
Working pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa
High temperature resistance of U-type mixing, 200L vessel.
Working voltage: Single phase 220V 50Hz
Interface: 38mm
Mobile filling pipe: 2m
Material: full body 316 SS
It can be controlled by automatic switch and pedal
Self-priming filling

  • Available as U-shaped 240 litres hopper.
  • 200 litres hopper: the integrated agitator holds liquid and solid particulates in suspense
  • Deposits chunks without compromising the integrity of your product
  • Speed and portion accuracy
  • Wide cross-section at pipe inlet and outlet ensures gentle processing of products

Air: 6 CFM at 80 PSI, 170 liters/min at 5.5 bar
Electric: Single phase 220V 50Hz
Run: Up to 20 deposits/min (1200 deposits/hr) based on deposit size and product consistency
Volume: 50ml to 500ml chunky pie mix
Hopper capacity: 240 liters / 200 liters
Particle size: Up to 38 mm cubic soft particles




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