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Introduction – Toilet Soap Production Line



INP-500 Toilet Soap Production Line

I. Instruction:
This soap line is used to produce toilet soap with fatty acid content (active matters content) from 60% to 80%. Material is soap noodle. Capacity is 500-800 kg/hr. The dimension and pattern of the soap can be made by customer’s requirements. Parts of mixer and vacuum plodder that would be touched with soap materials are made of stainless steel 304.

II. Production Condition:
1. Capacity:500-800 kg/hr.
2. Materials: soap noodle (soap grains), pigment, fragrance.
3. Workshop: above 110 m2, L: 22 m, W: 5 m, H: 3.5 m, including operating space, excluding packing machine.
4. Power: greater than 60 kW, 380 V, 50 HZ.
5. Staff: 6 ~ 8 persons.

III. Flow Chart:

IV. Production Process:
Mix Materials -> Grind Twice -> Extrude Soap Bar -> Cut and Stamp Soaps soap noodle — > toilet soap

V. Quotation

No Name Specifications

Mixing Agitator

Mix soap noodle and other additives sufficiently. Adopt famous brand hard-teeth geared reducer made in China.

1. Model: INP-100;

2. Material: The barrel and blender made by stainless steel 304;

3. Capacity: 100 kg/batch;

4. Mixing time: 5-10 min;

5. Blender: half-spiral;

6. Power: 5.5 kW; 7.Discharging: hand wheel


2 Three-Roller Mill

It’s used to mix soap noodle and other additives sufficiently, make the soap structure tight and improve soap’s density and quality.

1. Type: S260;

2. Roll diameter: Φ260;

3. Roll length: 780 mm;

4. Motor power: 11 kW;

5. Roll speed ratio: 1:3:9. 6.Dimension: 1690x1100x1040mm 7.Weight:1780kg


3 Vacuum Plodder

Vacuum Plodder is used to grind, refine and press soap material into soap bar. The above and below screws and two orifice plates press and refine the soap material and make the soap bar tight and the surface bright.

Use famous hard-teeth gear reducer, the bottom screw use variable frequency motor.

1. Type: XT-500;

2. Material: Parts that touch the soap are made by stainless steel 304;

3. Capacity: 500-800 kg/hr;

4. Diameter of screw: 200 mm;


6. Power: top: 7.5 kW; bottom: 11 kW.

4 Stamping Machine

The stamping machine is used to cut, shape and print the soap bar extruded from the former machine vacuum plodder. This machine can produce round, oval, and quadrate soaps.

1. Type: XDA-120;
2. Capacity: 80-120 pcs/min, 1-2 cavities;
3. Spec of soap: 10-250 g;
4. Mould: one set, made of copper, circulate refrigerant;
5. Power: 3 kW.

5 Distribution box

To control soap machines.

Electrical components are Andeli of China.

6-1 Conveyor belt

Convey the soap noodles after mixing with additives to three roller grinder; Stainless steel 304 bracket, Food grade belt.

Power: 1.5kw

Length: 2.5m

6-2 Conveyor belt

Convey the grinded soap material from the first set three roller grinder to the second set; Stainless steel 304 bracket, Food grade belt. Power: 1.5kw

Length: 2.5m

6-3 Conveyor belt

Convey the soap base from three roller grinder to plodder. Stainless steel 304 bracket, Food grade belt.

Power: 1.5kw

Length: 5m

6-4 Conveyor belt

Collect the soap edges after stamping and recycle it back automatically to the plodder Power: 1.5kw

Length: 7m

7 Vacuum Pump & Buffer tank

Vacuum pump is used to draw air out from soap materials, to prevent soap from breaking.

Power: 1.1 kW, 8L/S

Buffer tank is equipped to avoid moisture get into the vacuum pump.

8 Refrigerator

Matched cooling unit of XDA-120 stamping machine. It is used to make the mould cold so that the soap can demould easily with a very smooth surface.

1. Compressor: French “Maneurop”, 2.5 kW;

2. Cooling capacity: 1978kcal/h;

3. Temperature: -25 centigrade;

4. Water pump power: 0.75 kW.


9 Water chiller

Water chiller is used to cool soap machines’ circulating water.

1.Compressor: LG brand, 4.4 kW; 2.Water pump power: 0.55 kW;

3. Cooling capacity: 12470 Kcal/hr, 14.5 kW;

4. Temperature: 5-35 centigrade;


10 Packing machine

ZH-320 pillow packaging machine is used to pack toilet soap, laundry soap, and other regular shape products. It has simple structure, less wear and long-life span. It can adjust the bags’ size and speed automatically.

1. Model: ZH-320;

2. Capacity: 35-180 bag/min;

3. Packing film width: 80-300 mm;


4. Bag size: (80-240)×(30-130)×(5-45) mm;

5. Power: 3 kW.


Additional Information related to Inpakt Toilet Soap Production Line:

Continues Jet Saponification

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Drum Flaker “chill rolls”

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Finishing Lines

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SOAP LINE Plant & Equipment

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Toilet soap Finishing Line

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