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Automatic Canister Wipes Production Line (50-60CPM)

This production line is used to produce and package canister wipes automatically and consists of the following processes:





# Description
1 Automatic Rewinding Machine
2 Automatic Slitting Machine
3 Canister Unscrambler
4 Automatic Wipes Stuffing Machine
5 Stainless Steel Tank
6 Automatic Multi-head Filling Machine
7 Automatic Canisters Sealing Machine
8 Automatic Caps Feeder
9 Automatic Canisters Capping Machine
10 Automatic Canisters Labeling Machine
11 Automatic Corrugated Box Packing Machine
12 Automatic Palletizing Machine


1: Automatic Rewinding and Slitting Machine

Technical Specifications:

Rewinding speed 0-260m/min
Suitable raw material Air laid paper, spun-lace nonwoven, PP
Weight of material 20-120g/m2
Power supply 380V/3Phase 50/60Hz, 9KW
Maximum size of raw material (Jumbo roll) Diameter 1500 x width 2200mm
Maximum size of wet tissue roll Diameter 60-130 x width 2200mm (adjustable)
Hole punching length 100-600mm
Folding way “C” shape
Air pressure 0.5Mpa
Machine dimension Length 5380mm x width 3030mm x height 2032mm
Machine weight 3000kg
Size of material roll for slitting Diameter 60-130 x width 2200mm
Width of rolls (after slitting) 50-220mm
Cutting speed 80-180 cut/min

2: Automatic Wipes Stuffing Machine

Technical Specifications:

Stuffing speed 30-70 canisters/min
Max canister size Diameter 110 x height 220mm
Weight of material 20-120g/m2
Power supply 380V/3Phase 50/60Hz, 2.74KW
Air pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Air consumption 120-160L/min
Machine dimension Length 3250 x width 1650 x height 1800mm

length 2000 x width 260 x height 1200mm

Machine weight 1500kg


3: Automatic Multi-head Filling Machine (with stainless steel tank)

Technical Specifications:

Filling speed 50-70 canisters/min
Max canister size Diameter 110 x height 175mm
Filling range 50 – 200ml
Applicable materials PE film, aluminum film
Power supply 380V/3Phase 50/60Hz, 4KW
Machine dimension 3000mm*1050mm*1887mm
Machine weight 600kg


4: Automatic Canister Sealing Machine x 2 sets

Technical Specifications:

Supply Power 220V 50/60Hz
Heat sealing power 0.5 – 1KW
Sealing diameter 50 – 250mm
Application material Aluminum foil, PP, PE, PET, PS
Film size About 2-3mm bigger than the cans diameter
Air pressure 0.3-0.5Mpa
Production speed 25 – 30 canisters/min x 2
Machine dimension Length 2000 x width 500 x height 1600mm
Machine weight 260kg


5: Automatic Canisters Capping Machine

Technical Specifications:

Production speed 50 – 60 canisters/min
Canister diameter 70-130mm
Power supply 380V/3phase 50/60Hz, 2KW
Machine size Length 3100 x width 1500 x height 2500mm
Air pressure < 0.5Mpa
Weight of machine 650kg


6: Automatic Canisters Labeling Machine x 2 sets

Technical Specifications:

Labeling speed 40-50 canister/min x 2 sets
Canister size Diameter 80 x height 175mm
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz, 2KW
Labeling accuracy ± 1.0mm
Label range width ≤ 180mm
Machine dimension Length 2000 x width 1155 x height 1450mm
Machine weight 450kg


7: Automatic Canisters Case Packing Machine x 1sets

Main parameter:

Model ZY-CP600
Performance of machine About 400-500 cases/hour

(this project, about 8 case/min)

Performance of manipulator Max 12 times/min (each one.)
Box Sealing method Tape sealing or hot melt sealing

Paperboard box

Min 300*200*180mm
Max 500*400*350mm
Power supply AC 380V 50/60HZ           7.5KW
Air supply 0.6-1.0 Mpas
Air consumption <1m3/min
Machine size (L*W*H) About 4000*2200*2500mm
Weight 3000(kg)


8:Automatic Canisters Palletizing Machine x 1sets


Power supply 380V 50/60Hz
Suitable pallet 100-120 ×100-120(mm)
Palletizing speed 10-30 cases/min
Manipulator Max loading 30-40KG
Palletizing Height max 1600mm ( customized)


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