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Quote 3:


  • Product: Sauces
  • Target volume: 250ml to 1000ml
  • Packing speed: 250ml x 3000 BPH / 1000ml x 1500 BPH
  • Bag sizes: 250ml, up to 1000ml
  • Bag: Doy bag with center nozzle


  1. Water treatment RO system
  2. CIP system
  3. Boiler
  4. Mixing & Heated tanks
  5. Pumps
  6. SS Piping
  7. Filling machine
  8. Carton taping machine

Operating principle

Water Prepare System

  • Raw water will enter the raw water holding tank.
  • The water will then get pumped with a multistage pump through the pre-filtration
  • The second multistage pump will then pump the water through the RO System into the prepared water holding tank
  • The prepared water tank will have a circulating pump through a venturi that will inject ozone into the water
  • The tank will also be fitted with a breathing filter system

Powder and Ingredient Mixing

  • The system will be equipped with two product preparation tanks and two rotor pumps
  • The prepared water will enter the tank via a flow meter and the water volume can be set on the control panel
  • The operator will start the tank heating system on the control panel
  • The tank will be filled to the required level and a light will appear on the control panel when on required level
  • The operator will now start the mixer on control panel
  • The ingredients will be added to the tank as per recipe
  • The tank now will be topped up with prepared water to the require batch size (if needed)
  • Time of mixing will be logged on a log sheet
  • The operator will then start the circulating and shear system
  • The operator will also log this on the log sheet
  • When at the end of the shear cycle, the operator will stop the preparation
  • The product is then ready to be transferred to the filling machine

Filling and Packing

  • The product will enter the filling machine hopper via the rotor pump
  • This hopper does have a level probe and will control the feeding pump
  • The cap hopper must be filled to level and the operator must fill it frequently
  • The pouch magazine mast be filled with pouches and operator must keep this full
  • As soon as the product is transferred the operator can start the filling machine
  • The filler will now automatically fill and cap each pouch and dispense trough a shoot
  • The pouches will now be packed into cartons and closed with a case sealer
  • The boxes will then be packed on pallets and wrapped
  • Ready for shipping

CIP Tanks and Pumps (Clean in Process)

  • The system is equipped with a hot water CIP system
  • The steam generator will heat up the CIP tank to the require temperature
  • The swing panel between the two product tanks will have a connecting point to the CIP water line
  • When a CIP is required the operator will connect the required tank to the CIP line
  • The operator will start the pump and the tank will be cleaned via a spray ball system
  • The operator needs to start the rotating and circulating equipment as well
  • After CIP cycle this will then be emptied to drain
  • The rotor pump that needs to be cleaned will now be hooked up to the CIP pipe via the swing panel
  • The hot water will then get pumped through the rotor pump to drain
  • Ready for next batch

CIP Filling Machine (Clean in Process)

  • After production for the day the filler needs to be cleaned
  • The rotor pump will be connected to the CIP line on the swing panel between the two product tanks
  • The operator will start the transfer pump
  • The filler will be put on CIP
  • The filler will now automatically clean the area where the product was hold and transferred
  • The filler operator and other needs to clean the other equipment in and around the filling machine (as per training)

2000LPH Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

1) Pretreatment:

1 – To prevent the colloidal substances and suspended solid particulate fouling;
2 – To prevent fouling of the organic matter;
3 – To prevent microbial contamination;
4 – To prevent oxidizing substances on the oxidative damage of membrane;

2) RO System:

Polyamide composite membranes with three layers of film composition, surface for aromatic polyamide material supported by a microporous polysulfone layer. Endure high pressure and tension of mechanical and chemical erosion.  NaCI, CaCl2, MgCI2 has the removal rate of 99%. Specifically for pressure membrane shells volume type glass steel tube shell membrane.

3) Dosing System: 603 dosing pump

4) PLC controller: Fully automatic, with water quality monitoring screen
5) Accessory system: Equipped with SS304 pipeline, flowmeter and pressure gage.

6) Design:

1.1 Application: Drinking Water
1.2 Output Pure Water: 2m3/h (25℃)
1.3 Raw Water: Conductivity≦400µs/cm
1.4 Output Pure Water Quality: Desalination Rate: ≧97-98%
1.5 Operation: Manual on-off; Automatic
1.6 Requirements for the system: a. Water in pipeline supplied to water station with temperature 10-35℃; b. Voltage supplied to Water Station: 380V, 15KW.

Item Specification Quantity Material
1.Pretreatment System

1.1 Raw Water Pump


Horizontal multiple-stage centrifugal pump


Pumping Head:35m

Power:1.5kw(3*380-415V, 50Hz)








1.2 Sand Filter

Specification: Ø500*H1500

Working Pressure:0.5MPa

Filter Material: Quart Sand

Connect Pipeline Diameter:DN40










1.3 Activated Carbon Filter

Specification: Ø500*H1500

Working Pressure:0.5MPa

Filter Material: Activated Carbon

Connect Pipeline Diameter:DN40







1.4Water Softener

Specification: Ø500*H1500

Working Pressure:0.5MPa

Filter Material: Connect Pipeline Diameter:DN40








1.5 Precision Filter

Filter Cartridge : pp 40inch * 5pcs – Pressure gauge, connecting pipe  





1.6 Dosing System

Dosing pump

Dosing Tank




2.1 High-pressure Pump

Vertical multiple-stage centrifugal pump


Pumping Head:116m

Power:3kw (3*380-415V,50Hz)








2.2 Ro Membrane






2.3 Ro membrane vessel


8″ * 2






2.4 Electronic Cabinet and units

Flow Meter 2pcs
Pressure Gauge 3pcs
Pressure Protector  1pc
Conductivity Meter            2sets
Programming Controller  1pc
Circuit Switch 5sets
Connection pipeline DN40 1set
2.5 Flushing device 6 seconds flushing to the membrane 1set

CIP cleaning system (touch screen)


CIP cleaning system is locally known as in situ cleaning system, referring to CIP, also known as cleaning position or positional cleaning (cleaning in place). Cleaning in place means not open or move device, which is, using cleaning fluid which is high temperature and high concentration to impose force on device equipment, thus cleaning the contacting surfaces. It is suitable for cleaning and purity of production device which is high demand to sanitary level.

Technical parameters

Working pressure: normal pressure in tank, 0.3-0.7 in steam pipe
Working temperature: 60-138℃ in acid and alkaline tank, water pipe steam pipe
Material name: 2% acid and alkaline liquid tank, 2% nitric acid, caustic soda liquid, steam
Maximal centrifugal pressure head: 35M
Motor power: 2.2KW
Overall size: 3000x1400x2000 MM

Steam Boiler

Project Unit Specification
Steam Capacity Kg/hr 300
Rated working pressure MPa 0.7
Hydraulic testing pressure MPa 1.05
Oil consumption Kg/h 21
Thermal Efficiency / 92%
Water Pump Power KW 1.1
Power Supply / three-phase/380V/50Hz
Rated Thermal Power KW 105
Saturated steam temperature °C 170
Main steam valve diameter DN 32
Safety valve diameter DN 25
Infall diameter DN 25
Sewage valve diameter DN 25
Overall dimension(L*W*H) mm 1270*1570*2400
Weight kg 850


Mixing & Heating – 3000L Tanks x 2

Top mixing and top homogenizer, including emulsifier pump connected to the bottom as per following picture

No. Item Configuration Remark
1.        Top Mixing Scraper agitator Fixed diversion paddle  7.5KW, 0-65r/min, Frequency conversion to change the speed

Material :SUS316L

2.        Top homogenizing High shear 0-3000 rad/min11 KW Mitsubishi inverter

Material :SUS316L

3.        Working pressure Normal pressure  
4.        Outlet Stainless steel butterfly valve  
5.        Cover Cover can be open and close  
6.        Temperature sensor Pt100 thermometer  
7.        Pressure meter non  
8.        Jacket temperature 100  
Working capacity 3000L  
Design capacity 3500L  
9.        Inside material &thickness SUS316L      10mm The total thickness of the jacket50mm
Mid & Thickness SUS304       6mm
Outside &thickness SUS304       3mm
10.     polishing 300MESH(sanitary level)  
11.     Scaffold and platform Stainless steel frame 4mm
12.     Electric Box With Controller Panel SUS304-2B  
13.     Sealing form of homogenizer mechanical seal  
14.     electrical equipment instrument indication Schneider french brand OMRON Japan brand
15.     Pot body stents Stainless steel  
16.       welding form Automatic welding, no dead ends  


Filler Capper







Automatic Rotary Filling And Capping Machine

Model: AP6-4

Customer bag: premade bag with filling nozzle on the middle
Machine with 4sets of rotor pump as filling system with servo motor controlled filling volume.

Filing volume and speed request:
1. 250ml 50bags per min. = 3000 bags per hours
2. 1000ml 25bags per min = 1500 bags per hours

Machine working process:
Automatic bag feeding—(option: ink jet printer) –automatic bag detect (no bag no filling) —automatic filling (fill N2, with CIP automatic cleaning system and pipes) –Automatic cap sorter (with one vibration cap feeder and one channel) —automatic cap suck system –cap detecting —automatic capping (4sets with servo motor controlled the torque force) –automatic bag feed out


  1. Filling system: rotor pump with pneumatic valve control the filling volume. Nozzle uses V type construction to ensure the cap not damaged. No bag no filling function.
  2. Bag feeding system: use the balance force controlled system, adjust the push of bag feeding.
  3. Ink jet printer: This is the option. (not standard )
  4. Automatic bag detect: use the fibre sensor detect the bag, it can be worked for difference bag colour, difference material. and the sensor have cleaning function by time.(to ensure no error detect)
  5. Automatic cap sorter: uses vibration feeder and cap sucked with cap detect system, no cap will stop the machine.
  6. Capping system: servo motor controlled. The torque can be adjusted on the touch screen, easy adjusting.
  7. CIP cleaning system: Use one button start controlled method, the cleaning time can be setting by the operator. After finished it still have sound and light to let you know .it can be cleaning the pipes inside and pump and filling valve.
  8. 316 stainless steel with double wall and full sealed tank. Agitator option in header tank (this is an option)
  9. Machine housing #304 stainless steel
  10. All products contact parts #316 stainless steel.
  11. Machine with Siemens PLC and Touch Screen controlled system.
  12. Motor SEW, Inverter Danfoss, motor for capping Schneider Servo motor.
  13. Machine power: 380V 3PH 3KW
  14. Compress air requirement: 0.4m3

Carton Taping Machine, Top Bottom


1 2 side belts
3 Automatically adjust height and width
4 Heavy duty frame
5 Adjustable tape ends length from 30-60mm
6 Tape roller length: 500 yd

Technical data

Power supply 220V 50HZ/60HZ 1phase
Tape head 2” or 3”
Belt width 50mm
Sealing speed 25M/minute
Min Box size 120 x 200mm
Max Box size 500 x 500mm
Air pressure 7kg


1. Infeed and outfeed conveyor
2 Wider belt to 70mm
3. Locking casters
4. Stainless steel roller
5. CE control box


Specifications and Price Calculations

No Item
1 2T RO water treatment
2 3T water storage tank (3MM SUS316L)
3 CIP cleaning system
4 3T designed mixing heating tanks (team ,ABB motor, Mitsubishi inverter)
18.5kw pipeline emulsifier(ABB motor, Mitsubishi inverter)
5 Boiler(45kw)
6 Rotor pump(ABB motor ,Mitsubishi inverter ,connect part:SUS316L)
7 DN51 Sanitary piping(SUS316L)
8 DN50 Seamless industrial pipe(SUS316L for heating water with heat preservation cotton )
9 Filling and Capping machine using premade bags
10 Top and bottom carton taping machine
11 Installation, pipe work, commissioning

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