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CSD beverage bottling line 2500


S/N Equipment name Capacity Qty
CIP (Clean in place)
1 CIP system 1×2 T 1 set
2 CIP recycling pump 10T/H 1 set
Filling and packaging system
3 Empty bottle air conveyor / 2 m
4 14-12-5 rinsing filling & capping machine 2,000-2500 BPH 1 set
4.a Carbonation system 1 set
4.b Chilling unit 1 set
5 Filled bottle conveying belt / 2 m
5.a Automatic cap sorter and loading machine / 1 set
6 conveying belt / 15 meters
7 Light inspector / 1 set
8 Self-adhesive labeling machine 0-100 BPM 1 set
9 Auto ink jet printer / 1 set
10 shrink wrapper 8-14 Packages/min 1 set
11 Installation costs  for 6 days including accommodation
12 Pipework, and infrastructure, excluding equipment

  1. Air Conveyor










2.Rinsing, filling, and Capping machine


  • Compact structure completed control system, easy to operate
  • Air conveyor linked with the wheel of inlet bottle by straight replaces the inlet bottle screw and conveyor,

which can accommodate for different bottle shapes.

  • Precise, high-speed filling valve.
  • The capping head has a constant torque magnetic device to guarantee capping quality
  • High efficient cap arranging system, feeding, and protection device
  • Different star wheel needed for different size bottles
  • Bottleneck locking technology protects the bottle mouth pollution
  • Overload protective device to ensure operator and machine safety
  • control system functions included control producing speed, cap shortage detection, bottle block

automatic stop and production counting

  • Equipped with Bottle rinsing high efficient spraying valves












Technical Parameters


Model 14-12-5
Production capacity 2,000-2,500B/H(basis on 500ml bottle)
Filling precision ≤±5mm(liquid level)
Filling pressure <0.4Mpa
Polyester bottle specification bottle diameter:φ50-φ105mm

bottle height: 150-340mm

Suitable cap type plastic screw cap
Water pressure of washing bottle 0.18-0.25Mpa
water consumption for washing bottle 700Kg/h
Spraying position 5
Dripping bottle position 2.5
Gas source pressure 0.7Mpa
Gas consumption 1m3/min
Total power 2.5Kw
Overall dimension 2100×1500×2750mm
Total weight 2500Kg

Origin of Main Parts:
























3. Carbonation unit
















– Effective Carbonation of wine, juice, cider, water, beer and more! 

– Processing capacity up to 1500litres per hour, dependent upon product type

– Full stainless steel and food grade plastics manufacture

– Precise control over time variables, offering flexibility on carbonation levels 

– All inlet and outlet valves available in a range of sizes and fitting types



Our carbonators, suitable for the carbonation of a range of products including wine, juice, cider, water, and beer. With its 200-litre carbonation tank the Saturator is capable of carbonating up to 1500 litres of product per hour, depending upon the type of product and its temperature. This system requires the use of Air Operated Diaphragm pumps to transfer the product through the carbonator, which provides a gentle pumping action well suited to the carbonation process. This system works between the product storage tank and the bottle, can, or keg filler; carbonating the product immediately before it’s filled. 

The Saturator system uses scales to measure the amount of liquid being passed through the carbonation chamber, with a digital timer to control the amount of time liquid spends in the chamber. This provides flexibility on levels of carbonation for the product, essentially controlling the amount of ‘fizz’ the product receives. This system requires a compressed air supply for the AODD pumps, a CO2 supply, product supply, and electrical connection. All inlet and outlet valves are available in a range of sizes and fitting types. 


  1. Chilling unit


Description of goods Chiller Model Cooling Capacity
Air cooled water


AC-30AT 86.9KW
Food grade Stainless steel

plate type heat exchanger



Air cooled water chiller technical specifications



















Parts List







































5. Self-Adhesive Labelling machine












1)  Labelling speed: from 0 to 80 pieces per minute (according to the different target object and the length of the labels)
2) Label material: PE, PP, PVC
3) Outer diameter of bottles: 15 – 300mm, Bottle height: 20 – 150mm
4) Applicable range for the labels: Length range: 23 – 250 mm, Height range: 15 – 125mm
5) Motor power: 600W; Voltage: 220V 50 to 60HZ
6) Overall dimension:2000mm×850mm×1350mm  Weight:250Kg

6. Date BAtch coding machine










7. Shrink Wrapper












Speed Capable of doing 8 – 10 packs per minute, depending on the operator

Power Supply 380V, 3 Phase + neutral & earth, 22Amps

  • Top & Bottom rollers for film feed
  • High heat modular conveyor belt
  • Zintex inner oven
  • Wheels (4pcs) – Fixed & Swivel
  • After cooling fan
  • Pneumatic Operated
  • Impulse sealer bar (model 500S & 650S)
  • Constant heat sealer bar (model 800S – 1200S)


  • Tunnel Length > 1150mm Oven Opening > 800mm (W) x 450mm (H)
  • Foot Print > 4.5m (L) x 1.2m (W)

Optional Extras

  • Complete Stainless Steel Electroplating Compressor
  • Extended out-feed rollers
  • Extended Oven
  • Constant heat sealer bar (Models 500S + 650S)



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