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Project requirements

  • Project name:                    8000bottles/h drinking water product line for 500ml
  • Project name:                    8000bottles/h drinking water product line for 500ml
  • Filling products:                 drinking water
  • Production capacity:          8000bottles/h (500ml) for drinking water
  • Liquid level:                       meets customer’s demand
  • Bottle: Raw materials:
  • PET bottle Type:                                  roundly or squarely (undetermined)
  • Quantity:                           500ml and 1LEmpty
  • bottle weight:        wait for customer’s supply
  • Spec of the bottle neck:    30/25 mm
  • Bottle cap:                     plastic screw cap
  • Label:                              shrinkable sleeve PVC label
  • Bottle arrange type:       PE film shrink wrapper packing

Line layout 

  • Bottle Blowing machine (Separate Quotation)
  • Bottle Blowing machine (Separate Quotation)
  • Rinsing filling and capping machine⦁ Cap elevator
  • Bottle cap sterilizer
  • Bottle dryer
  • Bottle coding machine
  • Shrink-sleeve labelling machine
  • Shrink-wrap machine
  • Handle applicator
  • Pallet stretch-wrap machine
  • Conveyor and accessories

Specification list 

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Description of equipment 

  • In-feed Air conveyor directly fed from blow molders

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Air conveyor is supported on the ground, with air fan installed above the conveyor. Air filter is installed in the entry of every fan, to avoid dust blown into bottles. Bottles are retained by neck with two supporting carrier plates in the conveyor, and transported into Tri-bloc.

Main technical parameter

  • Type: F-9
  • Power: 2.2KW/set (Per Blower)

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  • Rinsing filling and capping machine

Main description 

The bottles enter the tri-bloc via the air conveyor. Then it enters the rinsing machine via a star support entering the rinser grippers. The grippers will then orientate the bottle and rinsing will commence. The bottles enter the tri-bloc via the air conveyor. Then it enters the rinsing machine via a star support entering the rinser grippers. The grippers will then orientate the bottle and rinsing will commence. The bottle is turned bottom down then exits the rinser and goes through the star support into the filling machine where it is placed in-line with the filling valve. The bottom cam system lifts the bottle into the filling position. The bottles are then filled to the required filling height.
After the bottles are filled it will exit the filler via a star support into the capper.

The bottles enters the capper, caps are fed into the pick and place system where a cap will be picked up by the capping head then place and screw it to the next bottle, this capping heads are equipped with magnets and allow for very accurate capping torques. The bottles then exit the capper via a star support.

The bottle then leaves the star support, exit the tri-blocand are transported on a plastic slat conveyor

Technical parameter

  • Type: HGF18-18-6
  • Working location: rinser 18, filler 18, capper 6
  • Production capacity: 8000BPH (500ml 30/25mm bottleneck)
  • Air source pressure: 0.7MPa⦁ Air consumption: 0.8M3/min
  • Rinsing water pressure: 0.2-0.25 MPa
  • Rinsing water consumption: 1.2 t/h
  • Filling way: gravity filling
  • Host power: 2.2KW
  • The total capacity: 3.12KW
  • Voltage rating: 380V
  • Dimension: 2860*2180*2800mm (L*W*H)

Rinsing station

The consumption of the water for each type of bottle when rinsing is 105ml/s (when 0.2Mpa)

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Filling and Capping section

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  • Bottle cap washer, sterilizer

The System is used to sterilize and wash the plastic caps before capping by disinfectant water and clean water.

System included:

  • Sterilizing tunnel and washing tunnel 1pc
  • Sterilizing tunnel and washing tunnel 1pc
  • SUS316L disinfectant water pump 1pc
  • SUS304 clean water pump 1pc
  • Recycling tank 200Liter 1pc
  • Caps elevator 1pc


  • Automatic caps sorting, feeding, sterilizing, caps and washing.
  • Under PLC control, lack of caps automatic feeding, full of caps, automatic stop.
  • Without caps automatic stop.
  • SUS304 construction and clear FRP cover, easy maintain.

Basic parameter

Item: Parameter

Disinfectant water spray time :20 seconds

Clean water spray time: 20 seconds

Spraying tunnel length: 3meter

Power: 0.75kw

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  • Air knife- Bottle dryer


To dry the bottle that exit the bottle warmer. Make them suitable to the post-packaging. Multiple groups of Air knife ensure bottles are complete dry.
SUS304 machine construction.

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Technical parameter

Vortex style air pump: 1pcs

Vortex style air pump: 1pcs

Power: 3kw

Max air flow rate: 210 m3  pump

Max. Air Pressure 28kpa

Power Supply: 380V 3phase, 50HZ

Size: 1000*900*1700mm

  • Laser date batch printer

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The compact CO2 laser delivers permanent, basic product coding (text and variable data). This version is the ideal solution for 1 to 4-line applications. The patented and proven dot matrix technology enables outstanding print speed for a wide variety of lot and date code applications in the food and beverage industries.

Print features

  • Output rate: up to 900 products/minute
  • Production line speed: up to 125 m/minute (dependent on number of characters, resolution and substrate)
  • 10.6 µm wavelength
  • Minimum output power: 10 W
  • One and two-dimensional barcodes with CoLOS
  • Dot matrix fonts
  • Standard lens focal distance and coding area (mm): fd 127 / 51 * 80


  • Hand held and WYSIWYG user interface
  • Available in 17 languages
  • 4 keyboards (English, Chinese, Cyrillic and European)
  • RS-232 interface
  • On board memory
  • Message store capacity of 1,000 messages

Other characteristics

  • Operating temperature: from 5°C to 40°C
  • IP rating (dust/humidity protection): IP20 / IP56
  • 4-meter interconnecting cable


  • Shrink sleeve labeling machine 

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XL-200 is an in-line single-head mandrel style labeling system engineered to meet the demand of your workflow. The XL-200 can be installed into any conveyor to provide accurate shrink sleeve placement up to 250 sleeves per minute. The machine’s sturdy Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) design and construction provides for 24 hour operation, while its’ standard dual unwind system allows continued operation with only a brief splicing stop. Product runs are programmed with the user-friendly touch-screen control panel, featuring standard and custom menus that can be password protected for an added layer of security. Guaranteed Precision. Quick Changeover.

Size changeovers are simple and quick. The cut length can be changed electronically by utilizing the control panels’ touch screen interface. For different product diameters, a new timing screw and bullet (mandrel) can be installed in minutes, while different product heights are accommodated by raising or lowering the machine with a turn-screw mechanism. The XL-200 comes with our quick changeover system to switching mandrels with a turn of a knob. Along with the mandrel, the cutter assembly has only two levers to turn, keeping your downtime to a minimum.

Technical specifications of the xl-200

  • Power: 3 Phase 220/380/400/440V 50/60Hz
  • Film Thickness: 0.035mm – 0.07mm
  • Film Lay Flat: 40mm – 240mm
  • Cut Length: 30mm – 300mm
  • Machine Dimensions: 853mm (W) x 1090mm (L) x 850-2150mm (H)
  • Speed: 0 – 200CPM (according to product size)


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Steam generator

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Steam tunnel

Spray Direction – Semi Adjustable

  • Up/down  – fixed
  • In/ Out – fixed
  • Pipe angle – adjust
  • Nozzle angle – fixed

Steam flow control

  • Main Pressure and Volume Control via Gate Valve
  • Individual Control via Ball Valve for Each Ramp

Steam consumption

  • 100-150 Kg/Hr Depending on Length and Application⦁ 100-150 Kg/Hr Depending on Length and ApplicationSteam Quality
  • Regular Generator Steam

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  • PE shrink-wrap machine in packs of 24

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Main technical parameters

Packing type: packing with PE film.
Packing speed: 8-12 packages per minute
Suitable packing shape: square or round shape
Power source: 3 phases 5 wires, 380V/50HZ, 19 kw
Overall size: 6500×3565×2100 (mm)
Compressed air pressure: 0.6-0.8 Mpa
Air consumption: 0.4 M3 per minute

  • Pallet stretch wrapper machine

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Work way: Semi-automatic (PLC)

Max Packing height: 2100mm

Max Packing Weight: 2000kg

Max Packing Product: L1400mm*W1400mm*H2100mm

Power: AC 380V/50Hz, three phase

Turntable Speed: 13rotate/min

Turntable Diameter: 1500mm

Turntable Height: 110mm

Dimension: L2600mm*W1500mm*H2650mm

Weight: 750kg

Tension control: Mechanical Brake

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