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MODEL: CARBONATED AND STILL WATER in glass bottles of 0.5 L for a requested output of 4.000 bph.

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UNI-BLOCK ISOJET V 15-15-3 complete of:

  • 15 grippers single stage rinse
  • 15 isobarometric filling valves
  • 3 capping heads for ROPP caps

Provided with:

  • Channel for centralized decompression (snift)  and CIP collection
  • Dummy bottles for CIP by manual insertion;
  • Modulating valve on product inlet piping

UNIBLOCK: Parts in touch with the product in stainless steel AISI 316L
UNIBLOCK: Centralized automatic lubrication
UNIBLOCK: Air conditioner for electrical box
UNIBLOCK: Electrical box in stainless steel AISI 304
UNIBLOCK: Prearrangement to use ozone sterilizing solution on the rinser complete with upper closure and suction fan

Carbonator suitable for the production of 3 000 l of sparkling water complete with:

  • Deareation tank by vacuum
  • Vacuum pump
  • CO2 injecting system
  • Finished product buffer tank
  • Electrical box complete of PLC

Carbonator plate heat exchanger to cool down the product complete with:

  • Modulating valve for temperature adjustment
  • Temperature probe
  • Glycol manual valve

Carbonator: mass flow meter for CO2 control

Supply Technical description

Offer related to the project for a UNIBLOCK – 4.000 bph for GLASS bottles of 500 ml. The equipment is provided with the following specifications:

  • Product – Carbonated and still water.
  • Bottle – Non returnable glass.
  • Bottle size – 0.5l – 1.0l
  • Closure – Ropp caps 28 x 18mm
  • capacity 4.000 bph – 0.5 l


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Uniblock to fill CMW in glass bottles

Composed of:

  • base
  • rinser
  • filler
  • capper


The base consists of a carbon steel frame composed of section bars and plates, welded and accurately manufactured to the machine tools. It is completely clad with a steel AISI 304 sheet anchored to the frame and is supported by height adjustable feet. Inside the base there are the main motor and the moto-transmission members. These members are easily reachable through wide doors closed by panels in AISI 304 stainless steel.


It is installed a screw endless moto reducer with an electrical motor of adequate power. The cinematic chain is composed of gears which make the movement smooth, silent and the vibrations are reduced to the minimum.


All stationary lubrication points are centralized on the base in one group of greasers. The gear reducers have oil bath lubrication.

Operator’s protection 

The uniblock is equipped with integral guard, with stainless steel and lexan doors, for the personnel’s protection. All doors are equipped with security micro-switches according to CE rules, to automatically stop the uniblock during intervention by the operator.

Electric cabinet

The electric cabinet is composed of:
painted carbon steel cabinet with push button control wiring .
The operation with inverter allows to vary the speed of the uniblock and to adjust it to the needs of the production cycle; it also possible to realize electronics axis for the right synchronization with the other machines of the filling line.

The uniblock includes:

  • safety guards
  • photocells full/empty
  • inlet bottle blocking device
  • bottle conveyor suitable for slat chain 3″ 1/4
  • motorization by inverter
  •  push button panel
  • PLC
  • parts in contact with the production in S.S.AISI304
  • prearrangement for cleaning in CIP (CIP is excluded)
  • centralized lubrication
  • handling part for one kind of bottle and cap
  • spare parts manual


Reducers                         Rossi; Bonfiglioli

Motors                             Rossi; Bonfiglioli

Bearings                          SKF; FAG, NTN, NKE

Electro valves                Norgren; Bosch

Air filters                        Pall; Norgren

Connectors                     Metalwork; Legris; AIGNEP

CPU-PLC                        Siemens S7 300, Vipa

Operating Panel            Siemens

Inverter                          Danfoss, ABB

Electrical cabinet          Ceb; Legrand

Disconnectors               Siemens

Relays                             Omron; Siemens; Phoenix

Photocells                      Wenglor

Switches                         Bernstein, Schmersal

Safety relay                    Siemens; Jokab

Cardans                          Zinelli

Chain conveyor             Regina; Rexnord

Pneumatic cylinder      Asco Joucomatic; Pneumax

Water filter                    Lowara; Pall

Uniblock isojet 15-15-3

SRSV 15v Rotary rinsing turret one treatment, fixed nozzles, with 15 grippers. It is suitable to the inner rinsing of glass bottles. Pitch 251 mm.

The rinser is prearranged for a single treatment and can handle glass and PET bottles. The carousel is height-adjustable to suit the different heights of the bottles to be handled. When the diameter of  the bottle changes it is necessary to supply change over handling parts. The installation of such equipment is extremely quick and easy.

The structure of the rinser is in AISI 304 stainless steel. All parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel or food grade plastic material. The rinser grippers are supplied with quick-joint plugs made of food grade rubber.  A collector with a slot, placed in the centre of the carousel, allows the supply of the rinsing product, while an upper cover made of Plexiglas and stainless steel avoids any sprays to the outside. Should the water pressure be scarce, a safety pressure switch stops the machine. Moreover, an electro-valve on the rinsing product inlet piping stops the product in case of machine


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The grippers take the bottles from the inlet starwheel while they are still driven by the starwheel, thus guaranteeing a safe grip. An inox twist in AISI 304 let the grippers turn the bottles upside down, keeping them perfectly in axle with the spraying nozzle. After the rinsing phase follows the dripping phase, to reduce the residual of liquid inside the bottle. At the end of the treatment the bottles are turned upside again in vertical position.

IJV 15v ISOJET isobaric filler with 15 filler valves, suitable to fill carbonated liquids in glass bottles. Pitch 251 mm.

The filler is suitable to the filling of still and carbonated products such as water, soft drinks, energy and vitaminic drinks, in glass or PET bottles


The filling carousel consists of a stainless steel AISI 304 clad filler bowl support. The carousel is supported by a large diameter ball bearing which guarantees a good load distribution.


Product bowl

The product bowl is annular and made of stainless steel AISI 304 with an interior mirror finish and is located on the carousel. It is completely inspectable. The product flows into the bowl by means of stainless steel AISI 304 piping and all parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel AISI 304 as well. The weldings are performed so to avoid interstices and porosity, with a mirror polished finishing. This not only guarantees a perfect sanitation of the machine, but it also prevents foaming and turbulence that would damage the filling process.

The product level inside the bowl is controlled by an electronic probe and modulating vent system. The signals from the probe are processed by a microprocessor and control the vent and counterpressure valves, thus guaranteeing for a constant.

The height adjustment is motorized

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Filling valves

The filling valves are fully made of stainless steel AISI 316 with food grade, sterilization-resisting plastic gaskets. The filling valves allow high flows and therefore high outputs.

The limited number of gaskets and mobile parts guarantees for:

  • no disadvantages due to wear of the parts;
  • reduced maintenance;
  • very effective sanitation process;

Moreover the multipurpose push button allows the machine to perform the following functions:

  • CO2 flowing in the bottle to evacuate possible further air residuals;
  • Simple collectorized decompression
  • Double collectorized decompression with differentiated sections (very useful in case of unstable products)
  • Full recycling sanitation in the filling valves

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The decompression is collectorized and can be performed in two different phases.

Bottle lifting jack
The bottle lifting jack is overhanging with regeneration of air and the stem of the cylinder is fixed to the end to make the support stiff and the sliding soft.
The stem and the plates are made with stainless steel AISI 304. The roller is in plastic material to reduce the noise-level and the wear of the cam.

Contact parts with the product can be washed and sanitized with cold and hot chemical solutions. The use of dummy bottles allows a CIP washing with closed circuit.
A high-finish realization of all surfaces in contact with the product makes this perfect sanitation easier.

CRA 3v Rotary capping turret with 3 heads, suitable to the application of ROPP aluminium caps on GLASS bottles. Pitch 251 mm. Pick & place included.

  • The capper consists of a steel structure externally clad with a stainless steel AISI 304 casing.
  • The parts in contact with the caps are manufactured in AISI 304
  • The main element of this structure is rotating and is supported by a large diameter ball bearing.
  • This rotating member of the capper is fitted with the capping heads, the relevant guides and the bottle holder plates.
  • The fixed part consists of the cap hopper, the cap feeder with relevant motor and the cam actuating the capping heads.
  • The hopper and all the parts in contact with the caps are made of stainless steel AISI 304, polished

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  • Once the caps have been oriented, the caps go along the descent channel and they are distributed at flight on the bottles. The capping heads coming down with the piston, effect the border and the riveting of the caps.
  • Once the caps have been oriented, the caps go along the descent channel and they are distributed at flight on the bottles. The capping heads coming down with the piston, effect the border and the riveting of the caps.
  • The vertical movement of the pistons is obtained by rolls that slide within a cam suitably shaped.
  • On the caps descent channel there is a sensor to check that the caps are correctly feeded; in case of lack of caps it stops the machine.

Technical sheet uniblock mod. ISOJET V 15-15-3

Product contact parts                                            in S.S. AISI 304

No. of rinser grippers                                           15

Total treatment time at 4.000 bph:                   74 S

Water consumption for rinser (with 2bar)      400-500 LPH

Pressure for rinser                                                3-5 BAR

No. of filling valves                                               15

No. of capping heads for ROPP ALUMINIUM CAPS 28×18 mm 3

Pitch                                                                         251mm
Product                                                                    SPARKLING and STILL WATER

CO2/Temperature                                                Max. 5,5gpL/Max. 10-12°C

Max. output                                                            4.500 bph 0,5 L GLASS

Max. output                                                            2.700 bph  1,0 L GLASS

Requested output                                                 4.000 bph 0,5 L GLASS

Requested output                                                 2.000 bph  1,0 L GLASS

Bottles to handle with suitable handling parts:

max diameter                                                        100 mm

min diameter                                                        48 mm

min-max height                                                    140-340 mm

Tension and frequency                                       400V 50Hz 3 phases + neutral + ground

Auxiliaries voltage                                               24 VDC

Network Type                                                       TNS

Installed power                                                     7.5 KW

Direction of rotation                                            clockwise

Air consumption                                                  600 NL/1′

Air pressure                                                           6-8 BAR

Sliding surface (bottles bottom)                       1.100 +/- 50 mm

Motorization                                                          by inverter

Electrical equipment accordingly to                 EEC

CO2 pressure                                                         8-12 Bar

Tanks tested accordingly to                               PED

SCJ40 SATURATOR suitable to produce 3.000 l/h of sparkling water. The linking with the filler is included

Plant description 

Deareaction group is composed of:

  • upper deareaction tank in AISI 340
  • nozzles
  • level probe on-off
  • manometer of precision detection on upper tank
  • asameter for CO2
  • ball sphere
  • reducer CO2
  • input not-return valve CO2
  • pneumatic valve for input CO2

Vacuum deareation group 

  • cast iron liquid ring vacuum pump;
  • drainage not-return valve of vacuum pump;
  • flow solenoid valve;
  •  filling valve;
  • manual ball valveA.304 for vacuum regulation;

Mineral water group 

  • drainage manual throttle A.316;
  • input not-return valve;
  • pneumatic throttle on-off A.316 water input;
  • centrifugal pump with closed impeller;
  • water magnetic flow-meter;
  • inox 2-way control valve inox of complete adjustment of pneumatic electroswitch;
  • manometer;
  • drainage throttle A.316;

Buffer of carbonification composed of:  

  • carbonification tank 6 bar PED tested;
  • spraying balls;
  • pressure probe;
  • on-off level probe;
  • charge valve CO2 on/off;
  • modulating CO2 discharge valve;
  • safety valve;
  • input not return valve CO2;
  • manual CO2 input valve;
  • pneumatic valve in AISI 316 with the screw to on-off flow regulation;
  • pressure reducer for CO2;

Filling group

  • drainage manual throttle AISI316 / input / output;
  • on-off pneumatic throttle AISI 316 discharge;
  • supply centrifugal pump impeller closed;
  • manometer;
  • flat speculum;
  • thermometer;
  • adjustment handle
  • manual throttle AISI 316;
  • By-pass to avoid the carbonatation group.

Carbonatation group (adjustment and measure) composed by:

  • CO2 input spark plug
  • inox 2-way control DN 15;
  • flowmeter for CO2;

Air group composed of: 

  • air pipe with reducer


  • electrical panel with PLC for control and adjustment pumps, regulations of temperatures and flow;
  • deck;
  • pipes and accessories;

Technical Data: 

  • Type of product: mineral/sparkling water
  • Product flow: 4.000 lt/h.
  • Degree of carbonation max: 9 g/l
  • Temperature of input water max.: +14° (+/- 2°C)
  • CO2 for carbonatation product (a 10 bar): 63 kg/h
  • Total nominal supply installed: 7 kW
  • Instrumental air consumption: 2.000 NL/h
  • Voltage: 400 / 50 Hz

ZZACC SATURATOR:  plate heat exchanger for product cooling

Heat exchanger of cooling of the beverage before carbonation (for output product to + 12°C).

Composed of:

  • Exchanger at 1 stadium with pack exchange plates in AISI 316
  • Inox 2-way control valve inox for refrigerant flow regulation
  • IP Converter
  • Temperature probe
  • Manometer
  • Manual brass valve for glycol interception.

(chiller and connection with the chiller not included in the supply as well as the connections with the utilities)

Technical documentation 

Our supply will be equipped with:

  • Final layout of the line
  • Drawings of the machines complete with energy consumption
  • Instruction manuals for each machine (in English or French or Italian or Spanish) in digital format.
  • Spare parts list
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