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Semi-Automatic Bottling Line for Glass and Plastic Bottles


Bottling for glass and plastic bottles up to 1.5 litre

  • Filling, Capping, Labelling, Coding, Shrink packing

4 Head Gravity filler:

  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Up to 1000 x 750ml Bottles / hour
  • 500ml – 2000ml filling ability
  • Only compressed air needed

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8 head gravity filler:

  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Up to 2000 x 750ml Bottles / hour
  • 500ml – 2000ml filling ability
  • Only compressed air needed













Portable manual capping machine

Power                                                      – (no need)

Compressed air                                       – 5 to 6 bar (constant)

Capping heads                                        – 1

Capacity                                                  – 1000 bottles per hour

Cap chuck size (to be confirmed)           – 16mm,20mm, 28mm, 30mm,  38mm, 45mm – chuck for plastic cap

Bottle height                                           – 250ml to 5000ml

Machine weight                                      – 1Kg to 2Kg


Please note One (1) cap chuck comes standard. (included)

The machine will cap Standard plastic screw cap / Sports plastic screw cap.











Semi-automatic capping machine for aluminium caps for glass bottles


1) Production Capacity: 1200B/H
2) Bottle height: 60-350mm
3) Bottleneck diameter: Φ 18 – Φ 38
4) Power supply: AC 220V-240V
5) Rated power input: 370W
6) Dimension: 600x210x900mm
7) Weight: 110Kg

The machine will cap:   Allumium caps










Automatic single side adhesive sticker labeling machine
Main technical parameter
1)  Labeling speed: from 70 to 80 pieces per minute (according to the different target object and the length of the labels)
2) Label material: PE, PP, PVC
3) Outer diameter of bottles: 15 – 300mm, Bottle height: 20 – 150mm
4) The applicable range for the labels: Length range: 23 – 250 mm, Height range: 15 – 125mm
5) Motor power: 600W; Voltage: 220V 50 to 60HZ
6) Overall dimension:2000mm×850mm×1350mm  Weight:250Kg
7) Conveying direction from left to right or in the opposite direction













Inkjet date batch printer


Main features of equipment
1, It is the small letter continuous schedule inkjet printer.
2, It can be widely used in several industrial processing.
3, It has a steady working performance, clear printing quality.
4, It is the high-performance price ratio automatic marking machine.
5, Functions,
 A, English, number, date, lot number and other information.
 B, 1 to 5 lines letters.
 C, The printing injecting head can self-washing automatically.
 D, It has excellent designed structure, easy operation.
 E, Easy operational ink adding system, it can work automatically.
 F, Screen operation system, it can alarm problem in time.
 G, It works with low ink consumption, saves cost for the client.
 H, It can be connected with PLC, weighing instrument, PC, EPR system and another software system.
 I, With printing on the products, the client can easily follow and manage the products on the market.

Semi-automatic shrink wrapping machine


Name: Semi-automatic heat shrink packaging machine
Model: pps-6
The thickness of shrink film: 0.03—0.15mm (Can be designed as your special requirements)
The film’s max width: ≤600mm
Shrinking bake temperature: 130-260
Shrinking time: 0-8s
Heat sealing and cutting temperature: 130-180
The max packing speed: 360packs/h (According to the package and worker’s speed)
Power supply: 380V/220V 50Hz three-phase five-line
Power: About 22kW
Working air pressure: 0.8MPa
Air consumption: 0.2m3/min
Conveyor level height, the position of entering material and dimension: Design as the customer’s request
Channel conveyor belt width: 540mm
Packaging type: A film with tray or no-tray and carton
Shrink film: PE, PP, POF, PV etc.
Suitable bottle-type: Glass bottle, pop can, PET bottle and other material which 200 temperature-resistant
Machine dimension: Film sealing and cutting part: L1500×W1400×H2260mm

Shrinking tunnel: L3500×W1220×H2010mm

Weight: About 1100kg












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